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Roger Giner-Sorolla

Indeed, and if there's another lesson from this year it's the flaws of state-of-the-art social psychology in predicting and influencing elections. The nudge teams who took part credit for the Obama wins either weren't on the job or didn't respond to changes in the wind. And everyone should be very wary of polls with a 9% response rate.

Dave Nussbaum

I think this is true for the enterprise of reform, but I think it is also naive to think that headlines blaring out large estimates of non-replicability will be taken as a sign that the science is is improving rather than that it should be discarded altogether.

I don't have any easy solutions for this, but perhaps focusing on the collective goal of making our science stronger, rather than winning the internal debate of whether it's a train wreck or just a flesh wound* and treating everyone else as good faith actors in this effort would be a good place to start. Thanks for doing your part in that direction!

*this is mostly just flattery, but also a link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKhEw7nD9C4

The Independent Whig

If science wins then liberalism as we know it vanishes.

No ideology rests more on anti-science blind faith than does liberalism's notion of the perfectability of man and the creation of the "new man" and the "Good society" if only the "right" social structures could be put in place and the "right" ideas were taught in schools.

Liberalism is nothing short of social creationism that places man in the God-like position of creator.

It is anti-science magical thinking (sic) at its ultimate height.

The Independent Whig

The notion that a Trump administration foretells an onslaught against science reveals a strong deep seated liberal bias on the part of the author, which in and of itself merits a healthy a skepticism toward any science the author may paticipate in.

Doubling down on self examination, if undertaken honestly and objectively, reveals that The real war on science comes from the left.


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