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I spoke up yesterday. I think the recent developments with Hillary contributed to my feeling that the quieter, indirect (i.e. let the evidence speak for itself) approach doesnt always work. I went for it. I asked for a salary raise to bring my pay up to the level of male colleagues with similar or lesser merits.

I was so nervous about doing it that the night before i could hardly sleep, and had stomach pain after the meeting. I dont know yet if i will get the raise ("they are going to look into it") but i felt heard .. the two men i talked to looked at me (while i was making my case) with a mix of fascination and suprise .. or at least that's how i read their faces ;-)


p.s. your post reminds us to continue being strong. Thanks.

Sheri Johnson

A beautifully expressed, effective response to the campaign that I hope many of us contemplate.

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