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Marcus Crede

Thanks for writing this! This - like many of your other posts - will be required reading for the grad students in the methods course I teach this fall.


One of the numerous examples when bad methodology kills a whole paper (in this case it at least has received a critical analysis):


"or join collaborative projects that pool resources to tackle the really hard, important questions, and find a way to deal with the issue of spreading credit around. "

I am a bit worried that large-scale "collaborative" projects like the Psychological Science Accelerator might not be a very good idea due to several reasons. One of which might be that way too many resources are possibly unnecessarily spent.

Also see: "More data is always better but enough is enough"

(side note I: perhaps the 1st comment on Lakens' blogpost there could point to an interesting way to possibly investigate when "enough is enough". I am not skilled to do that myself, but i still think it could be easily done by someone interested in these issues like yourself or readers of this relevant blogpost, and could perhaps even be considered to be intersting/useful enough to warrent a paper or blogpost)

(side note II: thank you for pointing to Studyswap as i reason that could be used in a way that will be a) truly collaborative, b) not entail many (possible) problematic issues like the Psychological Science Accelerator potentially has, and c) a much better way to accelerate psychological science)

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